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We practice and multiply generations experience. The Masters carefully maintained the precious rules of bodywork and The Spirit nuturing secrets. We thank them for keeping and passing the details with their tireless efforts, that multiplied Tai Chi with different styles and colors of the fundamentals to prolong Life!

Image by Ken Lawrence

Носитель традиции Ян Лучаня

Wu Tunan

Image by Denny Ryanto

Врач, мастер Тайцзицюань

Li Lian

Image by Christian Joudrey

Мастер лечебного Цигун

Zhou Yi

Image by Violette Filippini

Andrey Milyanyuk

Научный деятель,
практик боевых искусств

Image by Kirill Sharkovski

Founder of QiShi Group

Edward Gatalskiy

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