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We study our body in order to fill with it any shape like water does.

As a result it does not matter what form or practice you do. It is important whether your body, and through it  - your Soul, receives comfort from moving in daily living. 


Every day we layer by layer peel off, like an onion, the body from muscle tensions, imbalance and emotions. We naturally straighten the spine. Ass known, the spinal column is the foundation of life!

Imagine a coat hanger in the middle of the room. Hang a raincoat on it and step aside. What will you see? One will see the spinal column and the relaxed muscular frame resting freely on the "hanger" of the spine. Organs are attached to the spine as toys are hanging on a Christmas tree. Any imbalance in a body structure leads to distorted information. Structured spinal column opens up a feeling of calmness in the Central Channel. In the well-built central channel any form sounds like a symphony, where every movement of the joints plays with its own instrument.


In our classes we prioritize the practice with a Spine removing muscle tension and curvatures by relaxation. We heal organs and the body as a whole, by building the Central Channel.


All this leads to confident joy on the Way to Yourself.

School head

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Founder of QiShi Group


Руководитель школы

Types of classes

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Photo gallery

Amazing author’s tour with the following route: Beijing – Chengdu – Emeishan – Hailing island - Guangzhou We visited Pandas breeding park, Chinese opera house, climbed Mount Emei for 2 days, spent the night in a monastery, went to Hailing Island to swim in the sea, enjoyed shopping and street food in Guangzhou.

China Trip to Emei Mountain, 2014

It is said it's not so easy to find friends in adulthood. Thanks to our common interests we are happy to attend a variety of events together: concerts, theaters, birthdays, festivals, etc. Everyone can propose to the team activity, so that friends reply in response: "why not." Return to the section "Photo gallery" →


Route: Guangzhou – Wuyishan – Xiamen – Gulangyu island - Guangzhou China in 2013 was dedicated to Wuyishan Nature Reserve. During the week we stayed in a hotel at a Buddhist monastery, got acquainted with the attractions, participated in the rituals of Taoist monks, celebrated the Moon Festival, bought the famous tea – Da Hong Pao ("Red Robe"). We moved further to Gulangyu island, where there are no cars. We celebrated three birthdays there with guitar songs, completing the trip with shopping in Guangzhou.

China Trip to Wuyishan, 2013

Russians traditionally visit holy springs and dip into fonts in January for Epiphany. We support this tradition and at the same time don't associate it only with this holiday. We regularly go discovering new places in order to overcome the Ego and Grow the Spirit via swimming in cold water. We frequently visit springs in these locations: 1. Gremyachiy Klyuch near Sergiev Posad 2. Font near Dmitrov 3. Font near Staritsa town with live and dead water

Dmitrov Font

There are a lot of Associations and Federations all over the world that organize Taijiquan championships. There are two types of forms execution with different approaches to refereeing: sports and internal (traditional). In 2016, the 8th European Championship in Taijiquan and Chinese Internal Arts was held in Russia, in St. Petersburg. Edward Gatalskiy took second place in the Yang Sword Open category (Form with a sword).

Taijiquan European Championship 2016

Russia is unpredictable and boundless with its beauty and genuineness. Armed with camping tents (or hotel reservations), we arrange a mini-vacation for 2-3 days. We visit museums, surprise each other with culinary experiments, breathe freshness of dawns with morning qigong and have sincere conversations about the inner (or outer) space by the fire in the evenings ...

Exploring Russia


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