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Li Liаn

"At the age of 16, Li Lian was lucky enough to become a disciple of the famous master of Chinese martial arts, Wu Tunan (吴图南). Shortly before his death, before going to the hospital, Wu Tunan left the following words for Li Lian as a parting message: "A person dies, but it is impossible to destroy his way of the Tao" (人死道不能灭)."


Li Lian (李琏) holds the position of chief medical officer in one of the medical institutions in Beijing, his name is widely known in the world of specialists in traditional Chinese medicine. Li Lian's father, Professor Li Jieming (李介鸣), was a direct disciple and follower of one of the "four great doctors of China" of the last century, Shi Jinmo (施今墨). His name was one of the first to be placed in the "namelist of the five hundred most important doctors of Chinese traditional medicine".


Li Lian began to learn the basics of traditional Chinese medicine from his father at a young age. He received his professional education at the Beijing Institute of traditional Chinese medicine (北京中医学院).

For his scientific contribution to the development of various areas of Chinese medicine, Li Lian was awarded the inclusion of his name in the "Great compendium of famous Chinese specialists in traditional medicine" published under the guidance of the center of pharmacology of the Institute of traditional Chinese medicine. At the age of 16, Li Lian was lucky enough to become a disciple of the famous master of Chinese martial arts Wu Tunan (吴图南), who began to teach him in such areas as Taijiquan (太极拳) (fist training complex Taiji), taijijian (太极剑) (sword Taiji), taijituishou (太极推手) (training practice of "pushing hands"), Taijiquan yunjia (太极拳用架) (applied martial fist complex Taiji). He was able to earn the Teacher's deep trust and love, largely also because his father and Wu Tunan had a strong bond of sincere friendship.


In the long stretch of time he began to master such secret practices, transmitted only within the school, as Taiji Sungong (太极松功) (Taiji relaxation skill), Taiji Jing Gong (太极劲功) (Taiji inner strength skill), Taiji Qigong (太极气功) (Taiji energy skill), and others. Fate gave Li Lian more than twenty years of constant direct communication with the Teacher and his wife, with whom he was inseparable both in business matters and on vacation. They formed a truly genuine family relationship.

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